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Learning from the Bees–Holland

Well, after a full year of planning and anticipating, Jacqueline and I are now in Harlaam, Holland with our bee friend Ferry and his lovely wife, Anna! Yesterday was a whirlwind of plane travel, customs, and more plane travel. I finally figured out how to move my photos to my computer (no small feat for a techno-wimp like me…).

So, here we are on a rainy, blustery first day, making plans for bee fun. Today, we plan to visit Ferry’s apiaries, which are stashed about town. Ferry has been making woven hives of many kinds, and his work is beautiful. This afternoon, he plans to take me to his office where he keeps his skeps and his straw. My fingers are itching to learn!

We’ve shared how conflicted the relationship between natural and conventional beekeepers is, world over. We’ll be visiting a local Waldorf school with hives and a large garden, and get to see how beekeeping looks in schools here. There is so much to see and to do, but my focus is on soaking up all the many ways of beeing, and bringing home new perspectives so that our bees continue to benefit from all this cross-cultural sharing. I’ll do my best to post again tonight so show you what you’ve seen today!