Ukraine is known as a bee-loving country.
To raise funds for Ukrainian humanitarian assistance, we offer two gifts to better bees..

* A downloadable book written by a Ukrainian beekeeper describing how he keeps his bees happy and healthy. “My Happy Bees:  Simple and effective techniques of my practical beekeeping” written by Peter Grayman  (Petro Karpenko).

The Twelve Tenets of Preservation Beekeeping,” co-written by honeybee and nature authors Jacqueline Freeman and Susan Knilans,  Learn twelve methods to help your bees stay healthy and live longer.
CLICK HERE to read it.

We offer these for no cost, with the hope readers will donate to Ukrainian humanitarian aid.

Peter Grayman keeps bees in Vasylkiv, Ukraine, He is an engineer-physicist and longtime beekeeper. He seeks to improve the world with the help of bee colonies. This approach does not focus on honey production. Rather, it betters the relationship between beekeeper and bees. The intention is to keep bees happy so they can calmly harmonize surrounding nature and fill the world with love.

UNITED24 was launched by Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to collect charitable donations. Donations go directly to the National Bank of Ukraine.  The account is for charity contributions from Ukraine and from abroad. The Ministry of Social Policy directs these funds to support Ukrainian citizens affected by the war. Money donated goes to:

  • Provide food and shelter for refugees displaced by military conflict
  • Provide clothing, shoes, and medicine
  • Buy staple goods for the population
  • Pay financial aid and other essential needs