Are you interested in beekeeping but don’t know where to start? We welcome you to start with us. Our methods are a near-complete departure from conventional beekeeping–a good thing for bees and keepers alike.Preservation Beekeeping is a lovely, stress-free and inexpensive way to keep bees. If you are hands-on or craft-loving, you can make your own hives. We also teach you how to catch local swarms so that you need pay no money to acquire bees.

Here are some tools to get you started on what bee friend Debra Roberts calls “The Good Bee Road:”


…our 16-page pamphlet outlining the ten tenents of Preservation Beekeeping. It will guide all the future decisions you make as a beekeeper: Welcome to PBC

2. Read

Here is a brief list of some of our favorite bee books for beginners:
The Song of Increase, by Jacqueline Freeman
The Buzz About Bees, by Jurgen Tautz
At The Hive Entrance, by H. Storch
Honey Bee Democracy, by Dr. Thomas Seeley

3. Watch

Our video library is loaded with videos for helping new beekeepers. These will get you started and will spur your creativity as you ponder how to set up your own hives and yard for bees. There are many, many creative ways of bee-ing!