Holland, in late summer of 2018, was the location of a watershed moment in Natural Beekeeping. Hosted by the Natural Beekeeping Trust, the Learning from the Bees conference brought together 300 bee lovers from 30 countries, all sharing our love for bees and our very innovative ways of keeping them thriving. 

Jacqueline was a presenter at the event, Susan taught impromptu skep weaving classes during conference breaks. Both of us absorbed like eager sponges the wisdom of the international community of bee enthusiasts. We will be sharing what we learned this entire coming year at Bee Club, and also posting on our blog.

The Natural Beekeeping Trust (NBKT) is sharing information from the conference daily on their website and in their fantastic magazine, Natural Beekeeping Husbandry. Trust us–you want to spend time at their site (and subscribe to this magazine)!