The Light of Hum

Susan here: It is with great delight that I am sharing with you something of beauty, depth, and wonder from our good friend, Bee Guardian Corwin Bell. Corwin has taught many programs for us over the years. He is the prime innovator behind all the advances to top bar hives, and runs a bee education program at His work is respectful, balancing science, intuition, and mystery. If you live near Colorado, take his classes. He is a master.

Corwin has a mystic’s eye, a mystic’s ear, and a mystic’s heart. Artist and visionary, Corwin put his talents to a remarkable recording of  chants, music, and bee sounds to create a deep immersion into bee time. His DVD is called “The Light of Hum” and I encourage you to add it to your music library…I love to listen Light of Hum when I’m weaving on my skeps, and even take it into the bee yard sometimes when I’m working. It pulls me instantly into the right frame of mind for “beeing.”

Here is a selection from the DVD, with a lovely video attached:


Corwin has always said that where the science of bees leaves off, the mystery of bees begins. Light of Hum is a homage to that mystery. Buy one for yourself, and gift another to a bee-tending friend! HERE is the link for ordering.