Jacqueline Freeman Co-Founder

Author of the bestselling book, “The Song of Increase: Listening to the Wisdom of Honeybees for Kinder Beekeeping and a Better World”, Jacqueline started caring for honeybees on her biodynamic chemical-free farm in 2003. All her bees originated from wild swarms. The bees and many wild pollinators are nourished by extensive flower fields and orchards on the farm. Her bees live in hives made from wood, straw, mud and hollow logs. A wild swarm found a tiny opening under an eave and moved themselves into her upstairs studio wall where they live a few feet from her desk.
Jacqueline appeared in the honeybee documentary “Queen of the Sun” as the swarm-catcher. She has presented at conferences and given workshops throughout the US, Dominican Republic, England, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Her book is published in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and a spoken version is on Audible. Her website has lots of video and recorded interviews of her bee-centric approach.

Susan Knilans Co-Founder

Author of NYT bestseller “Animals as Teachers and Healers”, Susan has been a student and friend of Jacqueline’s since 2012. She learned beekeeping by taking all of Jacqueline’s classes multiple times, and then by becoming project manager for Jacqueline’s book. She has taught all the beginning beekeeping classes, including classes on her personal passion: historic straw skep weaving.

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bee on flower, collecting pollen