Once a month, our members get together to explore topics that excite us about natural bee care. Often after our meetings, we have a special program–crafting pollinator hotels, gardening for bees, processing wax and honey, touring a member’s bee yard–that are open to the public and free to our members.

We meet each month on the 1st Saturday, from 10:30am-12:30pm.
We meet upstairs at the Camas Public Library at 625 NE 4th Ave, Camas, WA 98607.
Our meetings are open to the public. 

Due to social distancing currently in place, we are holding our monthly meetings on-line. Members will receive an email containing all the information necessary to participate.

Here is our schedule for 2020:

January 4—Hive Modification
Currently available box hives (Warrès, Langs, and Topbars) are not insulated or shaped appropriately for optimum bee health. Jacqueline will be sharing our ideas to date on how to modify these hives with inserts and insulation options.

February 1—Guest Speaker from Xerces Society, or the Center for Biological Diversity on native bees.

March 7—Swarms!
Susan and Jacqueline will be “refreshing” us on how to gently collect swarming bees. We’ve seen swarms as early as March in our area, so let’s bee prepared!

April 4—Bait Hives
Once again, we’ll be making bait hives out of paper/peat planter pots. $10 dollar materials fee per bait hive for the pots, and materials to bait them with (old comb, wax moth detritus, propolis spray, Swarm Commander).  If you want to construct more than one, please let us know.

May 2—Plant and Seed Swap
Pixie and Dorothy will be heading up a presentation on planting for pollinators. Plus, we’re counting on members to bring plant starts and seeds to share.  Every Yard Counts!

June 6—What’s New in the Bee World?
Asian hornets have been identified in the state of Washington! Everybody has questions and, luckily, Trees Brodie has the answers. She will be sharing her finding and answering our questions. Watch the PowerPoint presentation here!

July 11—Food Forests Revisited (NOTE DATE CHANGE! TO ACCOMMODATE JULY 4TH)
James will be updating us on the food forest program, showing slides of some of our recent installations around the region. A food forest can be many acres, or just a 4-foot square of ground. The possibilities are endless…are you “in?”

August 1—Robbers and Yellow Jackets
Jacqueline will share what she learned from a fellow known as a local yellow jacket expert when he toured her farm last year. We have lots of great information on how to keep your bee colony safe from intruders.

September 5—Autumn in the Bee Yard
As bees prepare for winter, there are several ways we can help them. Join Susan for a discussion on bee tending during the cold seasons.

October 3—Gifts from the Hive
Susan and Onyx will be sharing about the many health benefits of honey, propolis, and wax, and Susan will give another presentation on her method of melting combs for beeswax.

November 7—Honey Tasting and Story Telling
Come and share a favorite memory from your life with bees! This will be sort of like a sharing of grandkid photos, but in story-form, as if your grandkids were bees… Oh, and to make the event even sweeter, we’ll bring our honeys to sample.