• Learning from the Bees: Reflections
    It’s a drizzly day in Southwest Washington, with much needed blessing of tender rain. My luggage is unpacked (including the start of a rye skep that customs let me keep!), my emails answered, the house cleaned, and the garden tended. These days since returning from the Natural Beekeeping Trust’s gathering in Holland, “Learning From the […]
  • Taking a Reporting Break: Holland Sunday
    So much wonder, so little time to report it. Folks, I gave myself the gift of focusing on the conference today and last night. I’ll be coming home on Monday, tomorrow. Jacqueline is off to other parts of Europe to share with hungry beekeepers who want to sit at her table. She is quite a […]
  • Holland on Friday—A Whirlwind Tour
    Good morning! I chose these two eggs this morning, to offer a model to my eyeballs on how they ought to look. Mine are at half-mast, and not nearly so bright and sunny It is Saturday morning, and we were up with conference events until around 11pm. The conference started just after noon, and the […]
  • Holland Thursday Adventures: Haarlem, Scrubby Pads, and a Pipe!
    You are probably all pleased to know that this will be a shorter post today. I don’t have to cram two days worth of information in, as yesterday, and it was a blessedly slower day. This morning, as Ferry was loading up the skeps, Sun Hives, and propolis tinctures for the conference that starts tomorrow, […]
  • Holland: Tuesday and Wednesday Adventures
    TUESDAY… Bear with me beeloveds: I worked until midnight again on a lovely post, hit the “publish” button, and it all went out into the cosmos, never to be seen again, so I am needing to put two days of adventures here. This might be a bit long… Tuesday morning I awoke at 6am and […]
  • Holland–Our First Day
    Oh, goodness, where to begin, and how to share it all with you! Well, how about I let some pictures paint the image of our day? If there is a better way to spend your day than with bees and gardens—well, is there any such thing? Just let me sit among straw, bees, and skeps, […]