Adopting A Bee Haven Box

As a habitat box sponsor, you may name the hive as you wish, and we will post the name on your box. We name all our hives and habitat boxes, as it helps us keep good records. We’ll be posting stories and photos of each installed box, so you can follow the progress of “your” bees right here!

Our Bee Club friend, Barry, designed and created these bee boxes to our specifications. We needed the hives to be light enough to hang up high, yet extremely well-insulated summer and winter for our damp Northwest climate. Barry crafted a hive-within-a-hive: A circular nest area surrounded by a box containing many inches of insulating stuffing. A bamboo tube through both boxes allows a very secure and defensible entrance for the bees, and a sloping roof sheds the rains.

We can hang these empty, or with a swarm installed. Once placed, the hive is left alone. The Bee Haven Box property host keeps an eye on the bees, sending us photos and updates which we share with you, the hive adoptee. Here you can check out the adventures of all the Habitat Boxes. Over the seasons we expect to see bees arriving, thriving, or moving on, and new bees coming in to use a newly emptied hive.

Preservation Bee Box
Bee Box Construction
Interior of Bee Box
In The Wild
Jennifer's Habitat
Thea's Bee Box