bees flyingWe post our own writings here, as well as articles and great links from others we feel are helpful to preservation beekeepers. If you know of an article you think we should include, please send it to Susan and I’ll make sure to get it listed here. Thank you, and enjoy reading…

University Research Report for PBC on Transport of Packaged bees, state to state.

The World’s Mantra

Bee Nutrition!

Flowers Withhold Nectar in a Dearth

Entombment: What Bees are Doing to Save Themselves

Darwinian Beekeeping by Dr. Thomas Seeley

Tending Your Springtime Bees

Bee Time: Do One Thing

Ventilation: It’s Complicated

We have bee friends all across the country and overseas as well. These links are to some of our favorite sites. Many have great article resources/research. Some sell bee supplies. Visit them and learn:

SPIRITBEE is Jacqueline’s wonderful farm and bee site. With her blog, videos, and stories, Jacqueline guides you ever deeper into the world of relational beekeeping. When you spend some time on this site, you will see how the inspiration for Preservation Beekeeping found its birth here.

American Skeps is Susan’s blog where she talks and teaches about the history of handmade straw skeps. Her intention is to bring these lovely bee-friendly home structures back to use in the western world.

 GAIA BEES is where you can find biodynamic apiculturist Michael Joshin Thiele. Michael is involved in finding and teaching new ways to be with bees. His work is magical, mystical, and practical. His classes are otherworldly in the very best sense.

BACKYARD HIVE is the home of visionary beekeeper Corwin Bell, a master at teaching, innovating, and selling top bar hives for backyard beekeepers. His hives are all handmade, his articles funny and invaluable. His classes are wonderful.

COLLEGE OF THE MELISSAE is the creation of bee priestess and activist Laura Bee. Traveling all over the world now, Laura speaks with knowledge and conviction about the sacred her-story of women and bees. She has created an advanced study of sacred beekeeping at her college and is deeply committed to changing the paradigm of our current relationship with honeybees. And I think she has the energy and the devotion to do it!

BUSH FARMS, the large and information-packed site of Michael Bush, is a great place to visit and read. Although Michael is a larger production beekeeper, his heart is with treatment free beekeeping, and honoring the complexity of bee life. He writes about a healthy hive being a world of many interdependent organisms. Michael’s advice to all bee problems is “First, do nothing.” Gruff, practical, and to the point, Michael is a gift to the bee world.

HOLY BEE PRESS. If you were to turn a honeybee into a human being, that human being would be Debra Roberts. Kind, graceful, embracing, Debra exudes unity consciousness from every pore of her body. She travels the world on her “good bee road” exploring beekeeping in many, many cultures. She has a particular focus on women in beekeeping and her words and writing—just like her—are insightful, kind, and true.

URBAN BEES AND GARDENS Our local friend, Beekeeper Brian Lacy, has a busy bee business in Portland. He has a specialty in relocating downed bee trees into bee lovers’ yards in the area. A lively educator and a compassionate beekeeper, Brian is always pushing the edges of innovation for his hives.

NATURAL BEEKEEPING TRUST is our overseas best bee friend. Jacqueline is on the board of this wonderful organization that has great information onsite to assist those interested in keeping their hives in bee-friendly, respectful ways. Their links to research articles are wonderful!

BEYOND TOXICS was recommended to us by our good bee friend, Mary Helen (healer, gardener, beekeeper, herbalist). It is a wonderful site homed in Portland with great information about toxic products and ways we can help promote safe, clean gardens and cities.