What Is Preservation Beekeeping, You Ask?

It’s our nonprofit, officially called Preservation Beekeeping Council, which we lovingly refer to as PBC. Our mission is to preserve and support the natural behavior of wild honeybees through practices that allow our bees their “bee-ness.” As bee shepherds, keepers, and stewards, we ask ourselves, “What do bees want?” and we endeavor to give them that. We encourage and celebrate swarming, natural comb building, smaller hives, and minimal intrusion. We welcome those who keep bees, who maintain pollinator gardens, and all who love bees.

Want To Know More About Us?

Great! We love to share our knowledge and passion for the bees. We’re happy to introduce you to our talented group of volunteers and vision-keepers. You can read all about us here.

Past, Present, and Future Projects

We have tons of projects and events that we work on throughout the year. You can find more information on what we’re up to and what we have planned right here.

And, of course, if you want to read up on how this all got started, simply click here